Look through characteristics of the most widespread air filters, their usage and rules of the maintenance. Get to know types of air conditioners and split-systems. Choose among variety of other devices used for improving air quality.

Air Filters and Air Conditioners

air_conditionersAir Conditioners
Are you hesitating what type of air conditioners to choose? It depends on your needs and opportunities. A window air conditioner or a portable one is suitable for small rooms and can help to save money. Offices or big houses require setting of full-fledged split-systems. Here you'll find descriptions of different air conditioners and split-systems, and their characteristics.

Air Purifiers
Learn the difference between air driers and humidifiers; air ionizers and ozone generators. Get to know how air purifiers influence on the air quality. And you’ll be able to make the final decision what exactly device for improving the air is up to you.

Air Filters

An air filter has direct impact on the work of the whole device. Investigate different types of air filters: mechanical filters, electrostatic, carbonic and HEPA air filters. Learn their advantages, disadvantages and secrets of the maintenance. Auto filters are also described hereunder.